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The Nevron IPTV DEMO Kit consists of all the essential IPTV components incorporating the Nevron IPTV software with fully enabled functionalities. A Plug & Play Nevron IPTV DEMO Kit is available for the following purposes:

  • Nevron product evaluation;
  • the promotion of Nevron IPTV products;
  • practical training on Nevron IPTV technologies.

Demo kit

" Evaluate Nevron IPTV products and be sure of their quality and efficiency. "

Nevron DEMO Kit Benefits

The Nevron DEMO Kit represents the least time consuming and most convenient way to get acquainted with Nevron IPTV products, whether for reselling purposes or for your own IPTV project needs. The DEMO Kit is not just a set of hardware equipment with pre-installed Nevron IPTV technologies; it is a fully configured and pre-filled user TV portal.

" The DEMO Kit is a promotional tool that helps achieve the most successful sales results. "

Any other form of Nevron IPTV product evaluation will take much more of your time, energy and other resources.

" The Nevron DEMO Kit represents the fastest and easiest way to familiarise yourself with Nevron’s IPTV technologies."

It is also very easy to carry around for presentation purposes, while all the hardware components are small and don't take up much space in your luggage, even in the case of travel by air. Performing a live IPTV system presentation to your prospective customer is of great importance for successful sales.

" The Mobile DEMO Kit is represented by a small set of hardware that is very easy to carry around. "

The Nevron DEMO Kit Includes

  • small and mobile HW server in the size of a mini PC;
  • Nevron Android STB (FaSTBox);
  • remote control;
  • keyboard and a mouse;
  • preinstalled Nevron IPTV technologies;
  • a fully configured IPTV system;
  • a pre-filled TV portal with content from providers, such as access to TV channels, movie trailers, videos, music, catalogue products and services, news and other information;
  • remote training and guidance through product functionalities;
  • full access to Nevron support.

Along with all these advantages, the Nevron DEMO Kit is also highly cost affordable and much cheaper in comparison to any other Nevron IPTV system configuration that could sensibly be used for DEMO purposes.

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