STB Mount Holder

Nevron has constructed its own STB mount holder, which is specially designed for set-top-boxes to be fixed behind the television or on the wall behind the television.

STB Mount Holder

It is of extreme importance for the set-top-box to be hidden in most public locations. Firstly, they are protected from being disconnected, shifted or even stolen. Secondly, the space around television should not be crowded with pieces of equipment that could be hidden. The same is true for cables, which could be even more irritating, especially in hotel rooms.

The Nevron set-top-box mount holder is made of metal and could be easily mounted behind the television, especially if the television is attached to the wall and the VESA holes are used up by the TV mount holder. The Nevron STB mouth holder is also specially designed for cables to be easily wrapped around the holder itself in order to hide all these cables behind the television.

You are invited to request more information about the Nevron STB mount holder.

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