IP COAX ON Enabler

IP COAX ON enables ultra-high-speed internet and IPTV services (Pay-TV or VOD), exploiting the advantages of IP to COAX enabling equipment on an existing coax infrastructure in hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings or any other coax-wired facilities. To make TV channels available on hotel TV screens in the past, hotels or any other facilities were wired with coax-based networks.

IP COAX ON Enabler

" IP COAX ON upgrades the existing coax network to support IP communication. "

Nowadays, existing coax infrastructures can be upgraded to support IP-based communication instead of replacing coax cables with CAT or fibre ones. The establishment of an Ethernet network based on new wires is avoided in most cases, which would require extended building renovation, associated with high costs and a major obstruction to existing hotel operations.


The IP COAX ON enabler is flexible, fast and easy to install by re-using the existing coax network without disturbing hotel operations. It is composed of highly scalable IP to COAX equipment, which supports from 5 to more than 1.000 rooms/end-point connections and delivers great bandwidth to run ultra-high-speed internet over the coax network. It allows a smooth migration to interactive services, such as IPTV, VOD or playing Games on the existing coax network.

" IP COAX ON supports from a few up to more than 1.000 end-connections. "

Using an existing coax network makes much more sense for everyone. Service providers and facility owners (e.g. hotels) save time, money and customer/guest hassle. It is definitely a win-win situation. IP COAX ON is also a cost-effective solution, with costs that are pretty linear and predictable.

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  • 7.5-67.5 MHz (60 MHz BW)
  • TV signal  pass-through:76-862 MHz
  • Tx: 15 dBm, OFDM Modulation ( upto 4096 QAM, 12 Bit/Symbol)
  • Max attenuation  >70 dB /  Min 15 dB
  • Full speed up to 43dB attenuation (320 Mbps  Usefull rate)

IP COAX ON Injector

  • PoE or 12V  or  Coax Powered (60 Vac +/-20%)
  • Consumption (8 Watt)
  • 1 x GigE (Rj45), Cat 5 Cable (Max 100 m) Auto Crossover
  • One SFP 100/1000 Mbps with Active Ethernet or GPON option 
  • 2 F RF connectors (In/Out) Pass-through
  • Igmp v3 Snooping (IPTV)
  • Management & Provisioning Proxy
  • HTTP,Telnet, SNMP access
  • QoS  IEEE.802.1p,Tos, UDP/TCP port
  • Vlan  traffic isolation IEEE 802.1q
  • Built-in spectrum analyser
  • Generic modem configuration
  • Max 253 modems/Injector
  • Max 2000 Addresses/Injector
  • Size:178mm (W) x 136mm (D) x 35mm (H)
  • Weight: 430 g


  • 2 x Fast  (Rj45), Cat 5 Cable (Max 100 m)
  • Loop detection
  • 2 F RF connectors  (In/Out) Pass-through
  • Igmp v2 Snooping (IPTV)
  • QoS   IEEE.802.1p,Tos, UDP/TCP port
  • Vlan  traffic isolation IEEE 802.1q
  • Max 8 MAC Host addresses/Modem
  • Size:  130mm (W) x 95mm (D) x 32mm (H) 
  • Weight: 170 g
  • 12 V powered (4 Watt)

IP COAX ON Aggregator

  • 8,24, n x24 ( Stack) Ports GigE  PoE IEEE 802.3af
  • IGMP snooping v2/3 & Querier
  • 64 or 256 Multicast channels
  • QoS  on IEEE.802.1p,Tos, UDP/TCP port
  • Vlan  traffic isolation IEEE 802.1q
  • 110-230 Vac

IP COAX ON Extender

  • High Power Over Ethernet Repeater
  • Self-powered IEEE.802.3AT ( 3,6 W)
  • Upto 4 Extender  daisy-chain, Max 500 m
  • Requires specific PoE Injector


  • Temperature: -0℃~55℃ (injector)/50°c (modem)
  • Humidity: 10~95%
  • Storage: -10℃~+65℃

You are invited to request more information about the IP COAX ON enabler.

The COAX IP ON enabler is assembled using a few important pieces of technical equipment.

COAX IP ON Aggregator

The COAX IP ON Aggregator is the foundation of the backbone. It delivers traffic and powers each COAX IP ON injector with full discretion through a regular Cat 5e/6 Ethernet cable. Multiple aggregators can be collected by a COAX IP ON switch for large networks with more than 100 end-connections. Fibre connectivity is also supported by COAX IP ON Aggregators and Switches.

COAX IP ON Injector

Each COAX IP ON Injector delivers 320 Mbps to a group of 16 or more end-connections (e.g. rooms). Thanks to the smart RF pass-through function, COAX IP ON Injectors are simply inserted into the existing coaxial network.


This has 2 x 100 Mbps ports, which enables the delivery of up to 200 Mbps bandwidth and many interactive services to the end-connection (e.g. hotel room).

COAX IP ON Extender

The extender permits backhaul up to 500 m away from the aggregator.

You are invited to request more information about the IP COAX ON enabler.

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