Remote Controls

Nevron IPTV Middleware supports portal control by various remote controls, ranging from the most basic with just a few buttons to remotes with full keyboard buttons and functionalities. The best remote is defined according to the customer budget availability and the project or customer requirements.


You need only one TV remote instead of two

To control Nevron IPTV system and hotel televison you need only one TV remote instead of two. Our TV remote is programable so you can power on/off any TV brand that hotel already has.

To enable guests to browse the web, write messages, play games... that kind of remote is a must. There is no need to go to the reception desk to get a keyboard.

Simple remote

When you want a simple remote for your guests, we have exactly what you need. A beautiful, simple but fully functional remote control.

Simple TV remote

If there is no need for a keyboard you can use a simple TV remote, if hotel doesn't use modules that require keyboard.

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