TV Games for IPTV platforms

The Nevron content offer includes Andriod based games that can be played on TV screens. Interactive games are an important part of the entertainment IPTV services provided to hotel guests or any other users. They nicely round up the offer that allows guests/users to entertain themselves and relax. On the other hand, these games can be offered for payment, which represent another revenue channel for the IPTV services provider. TV Games are becoming an indispensable part of any IPTV service provider and they are popular among all age groups.

TV Games

Great variety of TV Games

In our library you can find various categories of TV games.  Arcade games, tetris, solitaire, racing games, quizzes, kid's fun and educational games, cards, casino and other casual games.

" Casual Android games optimized for playing on the TV Screen with remote control. "

TV Games Aggregator

In the case of Games "content", Nevron acts like a "TV games aggregator". This means that Nevron collects games from various developers and optimizes them for usage on a TV screen. In the same time, Nevron is offering games to various kinds of business as part of its portfolio. Someof the most regular consumers are hotels.

Opportunity for games developers

Most Android based TV games in the Nevron portfolio are developed by independent producers. And as Nevron strives to satisfy most demanding players, we are working on enriching the Nevron games catalogue with new Android TV games all the time. If as a game developer (individual or a company), you can see potential and interest in offering your games through the Nevron distribution channel, please get in touch with us. If your Android game is not optimized to be played on the TV, we will optimize it for playing with TV remote control.

TV Games availability

Nevron IPTV games are available to various IPTV providers whose platforms are running on Android OS. All the TV games offered by Nevron are available upon request on a 3rd party IPTV platform or as part of Axon IPTV Middleware.

Turbo Fly

TurboFly HD is a fast paced futuristic racing game.
Now in HD and currently on sale, special price for a limited time!
Innovative game modes, various tracks, ships and weapons make it unique:

  • Best possible use of accelerometer
  • Career mode with 22 events
  • 8 different tracks on beautiful 3D landscapes
  • 5 ships with weapons, boosts, …
  • 3 game modes (Normal race, Pursuit and Endurance)

It's time for you to discover what "speed" really means!



Puzzle MasterPics

Rotate and move the puzzle tiles, play the sliding puzzle and get cool pictures on your TV screen.

If you want your kids to learn, mature and have fun at the same time, then Puzzle MasterPics is exactly for you! The child will solve fun puzzles and create wonderful pictures. 

The challenge of the game is in creating pictures from the various puzzles.There are three different modes in the game:

  • Rotate puzzle
  • Move puzzle
  • Sliding puzzle

Puzzle MaterPics

Puzzle MasterPics


Steer blocks into their positions in this fast-paced puzzle action game inspired by Tetris. Action takes place in up to four pits with an equal number of controllable pieces. Includes three game modes and adjustable settings allowing for extensive customization. Phones and tablets supported!

  • Three Game Modes: Original, Challenge, and Traditional



Brain Tester

n this game you have to answer two types of questions, basic math problems (for example: 4+3=7) and questions about color mixing (for example: blue + yellow = green). Press the circle with the right answer for the question, shown at the top left corner of the screen. Try to answer as fast as you can, because there is limited amount of time. You get some extra time if you answer correctly, but your time decreases if your answer is wrong. This game tests how well does the left side (for logical thinking) and the right side (for artistic thinking) of your brain work together!

Brain Tester

Brain Tester

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