Non-Theatrical Content – TV, Music and Top Movies for Hotels

Movies on demand / non-theatricalNevron provides the most prominent TV, music and movie content for non-theatrical screening and for watching away from home. Top movies for hotels, hospitals, oil-rigs and other exhibitions other than at home or in traditional theatres are just one type of content available to entertain guests, patients and other captive audiences. TV programmes, documentaries, concerts, music and ambient content, especially in HD quality, are becoming an indispensable part of hotel content provider libraries.

Based on all this content, hotels, hospitals or any other hospitality entities can provide their guests and other audiences with their own VOD (video-on-demand) and AOD rental service, from which new revenue streams could be established.

Content Packages

Content is provided in various packages of mixed content types under different pricing models. The content package and pricing model relates to the size, clientele, category, opening period and other requirements of a particular hotel or any other content provider. The content is regularly refreshed based on monthly updates and is distributed on-line or on external data storage (HDD).

Hollywood Films

In general, films from major Hollywood studios under non-theatrical content licence (e.g. HotelVision licence) are offered through packages of various number of films, various film titles and genres (from Action, Romance and Sci-Fi to special Adult packages). Most of these films are provided with a trailer, promotional images, technical data, multiple soundtracks (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, sometimes also Russian) and subtitles.

Hollywood films, offered as hotel movie content, are generally divided into two categories, which are distinguished by their usage protection and content encryption rules (check out more about Content Encryption).

The category of "Major Hollywood films" represents the most recent and popular movies, also known as blockbusters or box-office films. Many of these movies for hotels are available before home release, only a few weeks (6-12) after cinema release, which means that hotels and other content providers can provide guests with their very own film premiere. All major films have to be protected using an approved content encryption system, usually for a period of one year after cinema release.

The second category "Classic Hollywood films" represents films that are available for at least 1 year since their cinema release date. These films do not have to be protected using a content encryption system.

TV Channels, Music and Other Content

The majority of TV stations require the payment of a licence fee from hotels and other content providers for offering their payable TV channels to hotel guests and other audiences. Through our content partners, Nevron can arrange licences for offering a range of top TV channels for your audience.

Music for hotels and other audiences is meant to be offered as music on demand or to be broadcast as background music. The music library incorporates all musical styles (rock, pop, dance, classical and more).

Also ambient content (fireplace, aquarium), music concerts and documentaries are becoming very popular, while many of them are available in HD quality for a very approachable price.

Usage Rights

Content, especially movies, can be played on an on-demand basis or with pre-scheduled broadcasting. This can be offered to guests and other audiences as a free-to-user service, as a pay-per-view service or as Pay TV service. Content can be played to an individual or a small group of people. In no case can content be played in public locations. Detailed terms and conditions of content usage are defined in the content distribution contract.


Content can be distributed in most territories around the world with the exception of a few countries.

Content Encryption

Nevron IPTV Middleware is aligned with Verimatrix, the global leader in software-based security for content. Verimatrix's security system "VCAS for IPTV" also supports content distribution for hospitality content providers, enabling a centralized, hosted VOD and PayTV services, for both broadcast and on-demand content. Verimatrix's content encryption system has been approved by all the major studios for the protection of premium content, as well as by all the major broadcasters worldwide.

You are most welcome to request more information regarding content packages, models of distribution, pricing models or any other relevant issues regarding non-theatrical content distribution.

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