The Residential TV Industry – The IPTV Operator Segment

The largest segment of the smart TV industry is represented by the residential users. Interactive TV services for the residential public are in most cases provided by national or local IPTV operators, such as telecommunication service providers, cable service providers, ISP providers or OTT service providers.

" The television is again becoming the central home media appliance. "

With its large screen, television represents an electronic device that was for the largest part forgotten during the rapid expansion of smart phones and other multi-operational electronic devices. But these times are over as IPTV services are becoming one of the most important revenue channels for telecommunication operators, while TV producers are investing more and more resources into the development and sales of so-called connected TV devices.

" Consumers can choose from a variety of smart TV providers with different business models. "

The IPTV industry is a very competitive market for providers of any kind of IPTV product or service, especially in the residential segment. Consumers not only to have more choices to choose between different IPTV operators, but can also decide on a smart TV device with access to a range of OTT services, for which a monthly subscription is not obligatory.

" Flexibility is crucial for the success of any IPTV operator."

This turbulent and fast changing industry demands the highest degree of flexibility from IPTV operators in order to keep up with consumer demands. A business model that supports the constant and rapid transformation of technologies, required IPTV services and content is crucial for the success of any IPTV operator.

" The Nevron IPTV platform supports flexible business models. "

The IPTV platform developed from a single provider represents a high degree of flexibility, interoperability, deep control over the technology and support from a single point. All these can be achieved by choosing the Nevron IPTV platform, which mainly consists of Nevron's own IPTV products

Relevant Businesses

The IPTV platform for the residential industry relates to any kind or sizes of living areas, from individual houses, small settlements and city areas to nationwide households.

residential areas - household

living apartments


other communities

residential areas - household living apartments villas other communities

Consumer Interest

There has to exist great added value for consumers to decide on the active usage of another interactive media alongside the PC and various mobile devices. With the largest display available, it was just a matter of time until television became one of the regularly used interactive devices.

" An interactive device with the largest screen has many unique advantages. "

Television survived various attempts to be thrown out of the house as a useless device. In the past there have also been many attempts to transform television into an interactive electronic device. These attempts were mostly unsuccessful due to immature technologies, absence of content or the wrong business models.

" On the wave of the mobile revolution, a smart TV also appeared. "

But the real television take-off as an interactive media has only just begun. Along with the rapid expansion of mobile devices a small, powerful and economically affordable electronic components began to appear on the market that could also be used for television. In this way, the mobile revolution also enabled the transformation of the old type of television into an interoperable and interactive device.

" Once again the television gathers the whole family together. "

Being connected and equipped with the largest displays, television will most probably remain the central home device for a long time to come. The family is no longer limited to just TV channels, but can also access movies and music on demand, YouTube or any other popular web service, which has not been available on the TV screen until recently. The availability of all these smart TV services on the television finally generated enough interest among family members to gather and spend some time in the same place again.

IPTV Operator Interest

IPTV operators, especially the largest cable and telecommunication companies, see great potential in providing interactive TV services. While revenues generated from telephone services are dropping, these operators have to find another revenue source, which seems to have been found in IPTV services.

" There is great business potential in providing smart TV services. "

At the start of the IPTV evolution, IPTV operators dominated on local markets, but with emergence of OTT services they faces difficulties staying competitive or even surviving. While adapting to the new situation on the market, IPTV operators must be very careful when choosing the right business model and technology that will support consumer expectations and requirements. Consumers can easily switch or decide on another provider or simply connect to some OTT services.

  • Streamron IPTV Gateway

    Streamron IPTV Gateway

    A headend solution for the reception and broadcasting of live TV and radio channels over an IP based network. Based on this product, home viewers can access countless TV and radio channels with the best video quality.

  • Streamron IPTV VOD

    Streamron IPTV VOD

    A headend solution for streaming video and audio content on demand. Based on this product, movie and music rental services can be established by the IPTV operator and offered to its residential subscribers.

  • Axon Middleware

    Axon Middleware

    Axon is Nevron middleware technology based on Android OS. Axon enables the IPTV operator to provide the most engaging and attractive services, along with the most popular web services such as YouTube or FaceBook. All these services are accessible to the operator's subscribers on the Axon TV portal.

  • Nevron Channel Navigator

    Nevron Channel Navigator

    The Channel Navigator represents a solution for user navigation among the TV and radio channels available from the IPTV operator. Useful in cases when only TV and/or radio channels are provided to end consumers.

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