Elements of Overall Hotel Business Success

Proper usage of IPTV System as a factor of hotel business Success.

Success in the hotel business is determined by many elements, among which guest satisfaction level is at first place. It depends of the quality of the expected services, a personal touch and the intensity of communication with the individual guest.

Let’s take a closer look at the quality of a basic service such as in-room television. It is really hard to imagine any accommodation service without television in the room. Putting a television into a room looks simple, but equipping a whole facility with modern LED displays represents quite a cost, which in most cases is not financially justified. This is even truer when expensive HD LED televisions are only used for providing TV and radio channels.

Imagine. There is a large LED display in each room. Quite a large investment has already been undertaken just buying them. These displays can be used for many more valuable things than just providing TV/radio channels. But hoteliers still don't recognize their true value, which can greatly affect the overall business success of a particular hotel. The first minor goal is to assure the return of the investment into televisions and the rest of IPTV equipment. How?

In-room displays connected to a 2nd generation IPTV system can be exploited as the main communication channel/portal between the hotel and its guests. This opens the door for an intense information exchange between both parties in order to get the hotelier as close to the guest as possible. Guests start to feel like a unique guest, persons with a name, treated with special care, he & she is not just a number or one of the many people in the hotel anymore. The feeling of being welcome and having one’s needs treated with the most care, are vital for the overall success of a hotel. While there are usually no spare personnel in the hotel, this personal touch can be upgraded with the use of a large interactive device in the room – television.

Such an IPTV system stimulates guest to check all the available offer in the hotel and pick the most valuable ones, while available services or products can be purchased directly through the hotel TV shop or reservation system. Integration with a PMS system enables real-time billing and ensures a clear view of the current spending for any guest.

The IPTV interface acts like the best hotel and local guide, too. It can provide guests with information on the hotel area, such as actual weather, transportation possibilities and reservation, the local tourist offer and sights. For the hotel owner, it means wider possibilities to co-operate with other tourist services from the hotel surroundings or to directly sell advertising space on the IPTV portal.

Additionally, 2nd generation IPTV offers all the other expected digital features like a wide choice of classic TV channels, high definition video and on demand music content or on-line gaming for children and adults.

Usage experience is smooth and enjoyable in contrast with most of today’s known IPTV solutions. It brings the hotel closer to the guest’s needs and gives him & her a feeling of cosiness. It also increases the likelihood that guests will come back or recommend the accommodation to their friends and colleagues

One of the most attractive 2nd generation IPTV systems is offered by the Nevron d.o.o. company. Its IPTV system is based on the Android OS, which allows many features similar to Android based smart phones. Nevron traditionally belongs to strong professionals - their core business is providing entire solutions for IPTV systems, both hardware and software. Nevron is a global provider of IPTV solutions, specialising in the hospitality industry.

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