Android Games Wanted For IPTV

Are you a game developer? Grab unique chance!

We are actually looking for interactive games based on Android platform meant for use on IPTV hotel portals.

IPTV portal interface is similar to web page, providing hotel guests with wide range of information and entertainment including gaming controlled by standard remote control device. The demonstration of functionality and features of IPTV hotel portal you can find here.

We offer to you:

  • Game launch on our IPTV set top boxes all around the world to different hotel guests.
  • Guests are fast moving through the destinations in high amount, which means great opportunity to promote your game and rise the chance they would buy game also for other devices.
  • Financial reward for each game we choose and use.


  • Game works with the usuall remote (up, right, down, left, Ok, back) buttons. This means it needs to have key handling supported.
  • Picture of remote.
  • Resolution 1280x720 in landscape orientation (TV screen).
  • Our system is running on normal Android OS: minimum API Level 10 (2.3.5).
  • Games will be preinstalled.
  • Internet connection will be on STB (so we can have ads:free app or no ads: payable app) types.


Number of games for every gaming category is limited. Don't miss a chance and bring your game on worldwide scene.

Shortly about Nevron

Nevron is a worldwide IPTV provider with headquarters situated in Slovenia. Our core business is development of IPTV technologies and production of entire complex IPTV eco-systems based on deep technical knowhow, tailor-made and flexible business models and fast responds to market demands. Special attention we dedicate to satisfy needs of hospitality-based customers, such as hotels, cruise ships and hospitals.

Around the globe are we present through business partners network guarantying superior support services to all products.


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