Mission & Vision – A Socialy Responsible IPTV Supplier

Nevron’s business, based on the development of innovative IPTV technologies that enable interactive services on TV screens, is fun and exciting. Freedom to innovate, creativity and the good feeling of bringing people "comfort", "pleasure", "socialisation", "connectivity" and "fun" directly to their TV screens are just some of the reason for Nevron to be involved in the IPTV business and for becoming an IPTV supplier of innovative IPTV technologies.

" Nevron’s mission is to drive and support the growth of social responsibility initiatives, derived from IPTV oriented businesses. "

Nevron’s mission is not just to move the frontiers of bringing new levels of comfort and fun into peoples’ homes or guest rooms, but also to "make good" based on a strong awareness of social responsibility. Nevron’s mission is to cause a shift in the strategic thinking of the IPTV business that Nevron is a part of. Any business can be oriented to bring some good to those who need help and support and the IPTV business is no exception.

" Nevron’s vision is to become a globally recognized IPTV provider with its strong awareness of social responsibility and its initiatives. "

Based on this new business paradigm of "making good as part of the IPTV industry", Nevron’s vision is to become one of the first and leading providers of quality and innovative IPTV technology worldwide with a substantial focus on social responsibility, with initiatives and effects spread out to the smallest parts of local societies throughout Nevron’s distribution network of the most trusted business partners and end-clients.

Social Responsibility Initiatives

The first of these shifts in our business re-thinking was how to make IPTV solutions available for small sized hotels, which can benefit from providing guests with more comfort and satisfaction. Further on, Nevron’s IPTV system for small hotels, packed into the ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV, provide tools for the promotion of local services in the hotel neighbourhood, which can again result in even greater guest satisfaction and increase the income and wealth of local businesses.

Bringing out special offers for small hotel businesses enables extreme price reductions for getting a top quality IPTV system and intense free support for the needs of system implementation. Access to entertainment, informative and connectivity services is now also available for boutique hotels and other micro-sized IPTV projects.

" We want to be part of the new business paradigm of making good for society. "

Nevron’s ambitions are even greater in its new social responsibility business paradigm. For example, the new generation of Nevron’s middleware IPTV products will provide tools that could be exploited to engage Nevron client's business in initiatives of performing minor contributions to the good of their local society.

A Word from Nevron’s CEO

There are many paths and chances for making good for others. Each employee is stimulated to constantly search for "doing good" initiatives during their daily working activities. This company thinking not only creates great initiatives, but even results in better products, services, working conditions and employee satisfaction.

We are looking forward to great new things, which Nevron will be involved in with its "doing good" business paradigm. This already contributes or will in the future contribute in a small way to guiding our one and the only world down the right path of wealthy growth, equality for all, peace and prosperity.

Rok Kokalj, Nevron CEO

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